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22 April 2008
  /** lebensluege monsanto **/
genfood hilft gegen das welthungerproblem und monsanto spielt sich immer wieder als retter der welt auf. dass das alles schwachsinn ist, ist hoffentlich den meisten klar (vor allem letzteres). um das auch zu untermauern gibt es aktuell eine studie, die besagt, dass genmanipulierte samen und der ganze dreck von monsanto nichts hilft. im gegenteil setzt man das zeug ein, erhaelt man am ende sogar weniger:
Genetic modification actually cuts the productivity of crops, an authoritative new study shows, undermining repeated claims that a switch to the controversial technology is needed to solve the growing world food crisis.

The study – carried out over the past three years at the University of Kansas in the US grain belt – has found that GM soya produces about 10 per cent less food than its conventional equivalent, contradicting assertions by advocates of the technology that it increases yields.

Professor Barney Gordon, of the university's department of agronomy, said he started the research – reported in the journal Better Crops – because many farmers who had changed over to the GM crop had "noticed that yields are not as high as expected even under optimal conditions". He added: "People were asking the question 'how come I don't get as high a yield as I used to?'"

He grew a Monsanto GM soybean and an almost identical conventional variety in the same field. The modified crop produced only 70 bushels of grain per acre, compared with 77 bushels from the non-GM one.
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